I have been dancing since I was five years old.

I began dancing in outdoor spaces my twenties and it is now a regular practice.

In 2015 I began recording my dancing and posting them to this website.

I have continued recording my dancing and have begun recording other dancers.

All the videos on this website are edited by myself, Nita Bowerman.

move and tell began as a low fi, diy project in real time development. It began as a video journal and transformed over time as my skills and interests developed. Initially the videos were exclusively shot on my phone and largely edited on it too. Although this continues to often be the case, I now also work with programs such as Premiere Pro and Isadora and include footage shot by other artists (who are credited). I have endeavoured to only use royalty free music on this website and where the music is not royalty free permission has been granted from the artist themselves. The dances on this website are sometimes spontaneous and always improvised.

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